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What is Whodunnits?

This project aimed to positively change the lives of young people with learning disabilities (YPWLD) who have told us they don’t visit heritage sites due to accessibility by opening up local heritage to them. The project offered heritage staff training and supported experience of work with YPWLD in order to make heritage more inclusive in the future, supporting strategic change and the development of employees' individual skills.

Taking inspiration from Cluedo (invented by Anthony Pratt from Birmingham), a group of YPWLD, emerging film-makers and young history students engaged with West Midlands heritage settings and learned about objects, people, stories and living conditions of various time periods. The group also looked into real-life mysteries (disappearances, scandals, hauntings) related to the settings.

In response to the heritage and at the sites, the group devised four short Cluedo-inspired films. 

Our final celebration event was held at Highbury Hall, Birmingham (the floorplan of which Cluedo's layout is rumoured to be based on) to launch the films and website and share the experiences of all involved